Take advantage of the old saying variety is the spice of life with a new futon cover

June 29, 2016

Variety is the spice of life.

The modern decorating philosophy of less is more is also appropriate to making new additions to the home by also pitching out wasteful and no longer used home impediments. There is another saying, now that we think about it, well worth adding to our motivational note, inviting you to take advantage of these sayings by adding not just one, but perhaps even a third futon cover to your modernish redecorating mission.

But first you have to do this, if you haven’t yet done it. You need to go out and do a bit of inspirational window shopping or stay online and find yourself a nice pair, not just one, of futons. Another saying then; the more the merrier. Mind you, two still keeps good company. With a futon in the bedroom and a stylish futon couch in the living room, you will, of course need the bare minimum of two futon covers. Not necessarily suggesting greed or over-exuberance, we would like to encourage you to shop around for no less than four futon covers.

Why not? Two futons and four futon covers are adding variety to your spicy home life. One cover, no matter how colorful or stylishly decorative, does not do justice to the sought after variety and will even endanger your modern home life to the point that it regresses towards being bland. No less than four covers in this scenario also keeps things organically clean and functional. Even a new but now well-used futon cover needs a good and proper wash.

futon cover

So, while one cover is being professionally pressed, a new, different colored one takes its place.