What steps should you take to prevent malware from attacking your PC

June 17, 2016

We live in a generation where we are at the receving end of new viruses both physically and electronically. There is a constant need to vaccinate ourselves from the deadly onslaught of ever merging lethal and virulent strains which cost us our health and our privacy and important information.

You need to take serious steps on the electronic front to protect your PC from treacherous malware.


Antivirus software

Don’t be negligent and become a victim of online hacking. Install antivirus software and ensure that you carry out periodic malware scans. There are several antivirus software available online for free; try the trial version before deciding on the correct anti-virus software.


Update windows

Keep your windows updated regularly because hackers always find ways of bypassing the security features. Listen to your PC when it flashes a message saying new updates are available and follow the instructions to update the PC.


Firewall status

Ensure that your firewall is on. The software firewall is usually enabled; you need to ensure that your router’s firewall too is on. You can decide the level of security your firewall should offer.


Always update the web browser

Irrespective of which browser you prefer a hacker can easily wreak havoc with your life if you do not update your browser. Hackers can gain access to your browser and from there to all the date you key in, even your credit card number and bank password. So, make sure that you always accept the browser updates and restart your PC to let the changes set in.


Beware of phishing emails

Emails which ask you for personal details are always fake and are literally phishing for information.


Use a boot CD

There will some stubborn malware which will escape the malware software and still trouble you. In such cases you should download an anti-malware boot CD and use it according to your manufacturer’s instructions.