Tips for Winter Time Pokémon Go Fun

October 25, 2016

With winter about to rear its ugly head, Pokémon Go players should now start planning their techniques for game play when the weather is cold and perhaps snow is on the ground. Playing in the winter does present challenges that don’t come during the summer, but that isn’t to say that your game-playing fun is over.

Make sure that you have a jacket, gloves, and a winter hat on before you go outside and stay indoors when the weather outside is freezing or there is a big wind chill. The Pokémon will still be there waiting for you so don’t risk your life!

You can also buy Pokémon go accounts and get to an advanced level so you won’t spend as much time outside trying to find Pokémon. When you buy Pokémon go accounts you can even pick up those rare Pokémon that you never thought you would find.

Watch where you are walking in the winter, especially after a snowfall or rainfall. Frozen spots of water or snow could cause you to slip and fall and injure yourself. Be careful where you walk in the winter as well, and if an area looks dangerous, avoid going in that area. The weather will eventually clear! Don’t put yourself at risk.

It is a good idea to purchase an external battery for wintertime play as well. As you probably know well already, Pokémon Go is one of those games that quickly drains the battery. When you have the external battery powered up and ready to go you won’t miss out on catching all of the Pokémon that have come out to play.

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Don’t let the winter temperatures keep you from playing Pokémon Go! Instead put the tips above to good use and you can enjoy the game all year long.

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