Which type of nail gun do you need to nail your job?

June 24, 2016

Nail guns are powerful and convenient tools that make jobs easier. They are also not created equal despite the fact that they are all designed to propel nails at high speed into another material.

A nail gun that is used for raw carpentry and framing has to meet requirements that are different from those for a nailer used in fine cabinetry or for making furniture. Consequently, there are different types of nail guns serving various job requirements. All of them are either pneumatic or of the cordless design.


Cordless nail guns are more expensive at this time but lighter and easier to use in close quarters. Pneumatic nail guns are more common and ideal for sustained, heavy-duty use.

Here are the main types of nail guns:

  • Framing nailers

Are the kings of construction sites where heavy framing and construction is in progress. They are generally pneumatic nailers. For framing nailer reviews visit nailguncenter.com/best-framing-nailer-reviews/.

  • Roofing nailers are another very
    common type of nailer. They shoot shorter nails using a coil magazine.
  • Flooring nailers are
    specifically designed for use in nailing tongue-and-groove floorboards.
  • Finishing nailers are all-purpose nail guns for use in
    cabinet making and a wide variety of indoor jobs. They are the most
    versatile of the bunch. They also come in pneumatic and cordless
  • Brad nailers are similar to finish nailers but use shorter
    nails that are better suited for smaller wood and furniture jobs and
    precision work.

All of the listed nail guns have obligatory safety features. Among them are trigger safeties such as sequential or dual contact firing. Many of these models are available as pneumatic or cordless tools. Informative framing nailer reviews and other comparisons are available on the Internet. Find your best framing nailer at nailguncenter.com/best-framing-nailer-reviews/ for detailed reviews.

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